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Sublime Slime: Where Biology and Engineering Meet, High School Students Benefit

With a hands-on project involving pipe cleaners and slime mold, a Curry School student-teacher leads the way in integrating engineering design into local high school biology classes.


Curry Research Finds Suspending Students, In or Out of School, is Problematic

In an effort to avoid using one disciplinary practice with increasingly negative results, schools may unknowingly be utilizing an alternative practice associated with many of the same outcomes.


New Curry Ph.D. Program To Address Complexities of Language Education In the U.S.

With the number of multilingual students in the U.S. on the rise, a new Ph.D. program in the Curry School of Education is designed specifically to address their unique educational needs.


School of Education and Human Development Trains Counselors to Lend an Ear and Lead a School Community

When violence and terrorism are in the news, school counselors play a crucial role in the classroom. Four faculty members from the EHD's Counseling Education program share how school counselors help students discuss difficult subjects in a healthy, age-appropriate way.