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News in Brief: Education Professor Judy Paulick Wins UVA Teaching Award

These annual awards are among the highest teaching honors given by the University of Virginia.

Audrey Breen

Judy Paulick, assistant professor in the UVA School of Education and Human Development, has received a UVA All-University Teaching Award. Given annually by the UVA Office of the Provost, the awards recognize equity-minded faculty members who significantly contribute to the University’s mission by teaching with creativity, passion and excellence.

Paulick teaches students studying to become elementary school teachers and serves as the coordinator of the program. While she imparts her expertise about teaching elementary students writing and critical thinking skills, she also serves as a shining example of how to connect with the students they are teaching.

Peter Youngs, chair of the curriculum, instruction and special education department, wrote in his nomination letter, “A central feature of Professor Paulick’s excellence as an instructor is her commitment to building productive, authentic relationships with each of her students.”

One student shared feedback that illustrates her commitment to both teaching the rigorous content her students require and her focus on each of her students’ humanity: “Judy taught me how to teach. She also taught me how to be a better person, the kind of person my future students and their families deserve.”

Multiple students reflected on Paulick’s ability to create inclusive classroom environments where students’ diverse beliefs and perspectives were welcomed, valued and respected.

Paulick will be honored, alongside the other award winners, at an event on Tuesday, April 30.

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