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Health and Wellness

Understanding human development requires a holistic view of health and wellness. UVA EHD experts are working to improve health and wellbeing throughout the lifespan, from sports injury and exercise science to school mental health support.

of UVA's athletic teams employ a concussion protocol developed by EHD faculty

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Research Labs: Health and Wellness

Our faculty and researchers are uncovering new knowledge about physical health and wellness across the lifespan.

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Exercise and Sport Injury Laboratory

The EASIL provides research opportunities for faculty and graduate students in the masters and doctoral degree programs in Sports Medicine & Athletic Training and consists of four distinct testing areas and includes state-of-the-art equipment for the measurement of numerous aspects of human motion and neuromuscular performance. The lab houses measurement systems to assess strength, muscle activation, balance, motion, gait, joint laxity, functional performance, and neurocognitive function.

  • APEX Lab
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Applied Physiology of Exercise Laboratory

The goal of our research is to combine physiological, biochemical and behavioral approaches to understanding the role of exercise, diet and pharmacotherapies on health and athletic performance.

  • DAN
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Diet and Nutrition Research Laboratory

Our mission is to investigate the effect of diet on health and learning outcomes, especially in children. The lab consists of a metabolic kitchen and a feeding/dining area with a play space for our studies in children. 

  • EPCL
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Exercise Physiology Core Laboratory

The EPCL was established in 1990 as part of the National Institutes of Health sponsored General Clinical Research Center to promote the expansion and enhancement of clinical research that incorporates exercise physiology and body composition into either the research questions or the research design. 

  • iCO
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Imaging & Communication Outcomes Lab

The Imaging & Communication Outcomes Lab, under the direction of Kazlin Mason, PhD CCC-SLP, is dedicated to improving speech, resonance, and feeding outcomes for individuals born with craniofacial differences.  

Our methodologies integrate imaging technology (MRI and fNIRS), 3D computer visualization, machine learning, predictive analytics, and acoustic and aerodynamic data. These techniques allow us to examine the anatomy and physiology of the speech, swallowing, and velopharyngeal mechanisms which serve to inform clinical practice and support evidence-based interventions for this population. 

Research: Health and Wellness

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Sheila C. Johnson Center for Clinical Services

The Sheila C. Johnson Center is a multidisciplinary clinic that provides personalized assessment and intervention services. Our clinical services are boosted by our connection to the School of Education and Human Development as well as the University of Virginia at large, allowing us to employ the latest techniques and practices uncovered by renowned researchers.

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