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Global Studies in Education: Undergraduate Minor

Students of global studies strive to understand the effectiveness of educational policies and practices in an increasingly interconnected world.

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Undergraduate Minor

A minor in global studies in education

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This minor is open to students across the University.

Program Type

  • Full Time


  • In-Person

Application Deadline

  • Spring Entry: October 1
  • Fall Entry: February 1

Applicants accepted into the minor will be notified on October 15th and February 15th respectively



About This Program

The global studies in education minor is part of the School of Education and Human Development’s social foundations of education program.

The minor provides an interdisciplinary view of social theories and comparative frameworks that stretch beyond traditional definitions of teachers and school administrators to delve into concepts of school and society; history, philosophy and culture; and educational policy, theory and practice.
By investigating global and national educational problems from different perspectives, students engage with real-world issues. They examine many of the most pressing concerns facing 21st-century schools, such as:

  • Poverty, inequality and human rights
  • The role of states, the international community, NGOs and civil society in policy-making and implementation
  • The influence of history, culture and tradition in schooling
  • Intersections among the economy, societal and social policy

This minor is appropriate for undergraduate students considering careers and/or further study in education, including:

  • Law
  • Policy-making
  • Business
  • Education leadership and social entrepreneurship
  • Non-profit work
  • Domestic and international NGO work
  • Teaching, including Teach for America or teacher certification programs
  • Government positions in education both in the US and abroad
  • The Peace Corps and other international development or education work

Declare the Global Studies in Education minor by completing the minor declaration form linked to the Apply Now button. Once you have completed the form and obtained the signature of the Social Foundations faculty member bring the form to your school's registrar to be entered into SIS. This minor is open to students across the University.

Program Faculty

Derrick P Alridge

Derrick P. Alridge

  • Philip J. Gibson Professor of Education
  • Director, Center for Race and Public Education in the South
Diane M Hoffman

Diane M. Hoffman

  • Associate Professor
Alexa Rodriguez headshot

Alexa Rodriguez

  • Assistant Professor of Education
Rachel L. Wahl

Rachel L. Wahl

  • Associate Professor

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For questions about declaring this minor, reach out to start a conversation with the academic services team.


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