Kyndall Foster

Class of 2024: Kyndall Foster

Supported and inspired by her teachers as a child, Kyndall Foster hopes to pass on that experience to her future students. She is graduating with her Bachelor of Science in Education in elementary education.

Laura Hoxworth

When she arrived at UVA, Kyndall Foster knew she would receive an excellent education no matter what she chose to study. But after choosing elementary education, it became clear that teaching is her calling.  

After graduating with her bachelor’s degree in May, Foster will pursue her master’s degree in curriculum and instruction at the School of Education and Human Development and then begin her career as a classroom teacher.  

“To say it's been wonderful to have her with us is an understatement,” said Foster’s mentor teacher. “Our students absolutely love her. She has invested in relationships with each child individually and is so engaged with each class. Her positivity, joy, and initiative are amazing.”

Q: What inspired you to choose a career in education?

I was inspired to choose a career in education because of the potential impact I could make on my future students. I have had so many wonderful teachers in my life, who helped show me that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. They made school a safe and exciting place where I felt supported and celebrated. I understand the lasting positive impact that teachers can have on students because of my experience, and I want to pass it on.

Q: Why did you choose the UVA School of Education & Human Development for your program?

Before starting college, I was unsure about what I wanted to major in. I was definitely drawn to education, but also wanted to explore other interests. I ultimately decided to come to UVA because I knew that regardless of what I ended up choosing, I was going to be receiving a well-rounded, high-quality education. After declaring my major in elementary education, this proved to be especially true. All of my professors have been so knowledgeable and passionate in their field of expertise, and I am graduating from my program feeling beyond equipped and inspired to lead a classroom of my own.

Q: What is the most significant thing that has shaped your time here?

The most significant thing that has shaped my time here is my experiences in the classroom for my student teaching. While these experiences have allowed me the opportunity to apply what I have learned in my classes and continue to develop my teaching, what has been most meaningful is the relationships I have been able to build with the students. They are all so curious, thoughtful, and funny–I have learned as much from them as I hope they have from me. Even on the most challenging day I could find a bright spot, and it always involved a student.

Q: What is one thing you learned during your studies that surprised you most?

One thing that I have learned during my studies that has surprised me the most is the importance of high-quality early education and how few families have access to it. Early education is the foundation of all future learning and development for children making it essential for students’ later academic success. Learning about the significance of early childhood education and reading so many articles and research about its extensive influence, I was surprised at the widespread inaccessibility of high-quality early education and the lack of governmental action on the issue. A striking statement I heard in one of my classes that I think sums it up is, “if you want to invest in the future, invest in early childhood education.”

Q: If you can, name one person who has made a special impact during your studies and how?

One person who has made a special impact on me and my studies is my program director, Dr. Katie Leigh. She is not only an effective and insightful professor, but also a dedicated advocate and generous resource for her students. I am so grateful to know and learn from her. She is my role model!

Q: What will you be doing next?

I will be pursuing a Master of Education in curriculum and instruction at the UVA School of Education and Human Development, before becoming an elementary classroom teacher. 

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