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What We Do

The Contemplative Teaching and Learning Lab applies the contemplative sciences to informing our understanding of life-span development and education.

Our Partners

The Contemplative Teaching and Learning Lab collaborates with several other organizations within and without the University of Virginia. We are affiliated with the Contemplative Sciences Center at UVA and we collaborate with colleagues at Penn State University and Fordham University. 

The Contemplative Teaching and Learning Lab (CTL) conducts research exploring how secular contemplative practices such as mindfulness and yoga may be adapted and applied to improve teaching and learning.

CTL also aims to conduct pilot studies to develop and test contemplative approaches to specific curricular, instructional & classroom management strategies. 

Recent News

Transforming the Heart of Teaching: A TEDx Talk

On Mar 17, 2017, Dr. Tish Jennings spoke at the TEDxWashingtonSquare event about her research about teachers and mindfulness and the impact of such practices on both the classroom climate and student performance.

A kindergarten teacher points at pictures in a book while students, seated on a rug in front of her, look and point

The “CALM Teachers” Study

We are testing whether short daily mindfulness interventions result in reduced psychological and physiological symptoms related to stress and burnout among school teachers.

CALM Research Project

Associated Faculty

Patricia Jennings

Patricia A. Jennings

  • Professor
  • Ed.D. in Curriculum & Instruction Program Director
Ava Michael

Ava Michael

  • Project Coordinator

Related Projects

  • Research Project

Compassionate Schools Project

The Compassionate Schools Project (CSP) is the most comprehensive study ever undertaken of a 21st century health and wellness curriculum in an elementary or secondary school setting. The Group Randomized Trial was started in 2016 and a follow-up is scheduled to run through 2021. Fifty schools, over 625 teachers, and more than 6250 students will be included in the study.

  • Research Project

Healthy Living Curriculum

We intend to conduct a randomized trial comparing schools with this as part of the curriculum to education as usual. This program will involve 50 schools in the Jefferson County Kentucky school district in a large-scale randomized trial.

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