Two female teachers sit at a round table with two young boys, giving individualized lessons

Special Education and Disability

All children deserve a quality education. From speech and hearing disorders to intellectual disabilities, we are working to close the gaps and ensure that every child, no matter what challenges they face, receives the support they need to learn.

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Research Labs: Special Education and Disability

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Reading and Academic Development Research Group

The Reading and Academic Development Research Group examines reading and related areas of academic development across different groups of school-age children. Broadly, the research focuses on meeting the diverse instructional needs of students from specific backgrounds by identifying reading and writing difficulties and developing effective instructional approaches. 

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Supporting Teachers Through Coaching, Observations, and Multimedia to Educate Students with Disabilities

Scholars on the STORMED Team conduct research related to the design, implementation, and experimental testing of multimedia-based interventions to support pre- and in-service teachers' knowledge and implementation of evidence-based practices on behalf of students with disabilities and others who struggle.

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Consortium for the Advancement of Special Education Research

CASPER’s mission is to advance open science in special education and related fields by (a) conducting meta-research, (b) providing recommendations and resources, and (c) conducting and disseminating open research. 

Sheila C. Johnson Center Services

The Sheila C. Johnson Center is a multidisciplinary clinic that provides personalized assessment and intervention services. 

A teacher with long dark hair points to a page in a picture book while two young students look
Speech Language

Our experienced team of speech-language pathologists helps kids and adults improve their quality of life with communication.

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Autism Spectrum Services

Our autism spectrum services are strengthened by research from the School's Supporting Transformative Autism Research (STAR) initiative.

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McGuffey Reading Services

Helping school-age children with reading, writing, and spelling through after-school interventions, summer camps, and more.

A faculty member shows a model of an ear to an adult

Our audiology services include screenings and tests, hearing aid evaluations and fittings, aural rehabilitation, and more.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Services

Improving lives in the community with treatment for many common psychological problems.

A counselor sits at a table with a young girl as they work on an activity together
Psychological Diagnostic and Educational Assessment Services

Comprehensive psychological evaluations for a range of issues and problems encountered by families and students.

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Supporting Transformative Autism Research

STAR aims to improve the lives of individuals with autism through groundbreaking research and innovative models for intervention and training.

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