A class of kindergarten students sit on a blue rug facing a teacher with short brown hair who is holding up a picture book

Early Childhood Education

The early years of a child’s education are among the most critical for learning. From training teachers to cultivating partnerships across Virginia and beyond, UVA EHD is deeply engaged in how to improve education for our littlest learners.

of Virginia's kindergarteners take EHD's readiness assessments

Research to Classroom

UVA EHD’s innovations in assessing and supporting young learners are used in thousands of classrooms across the country.

Letters on a wall spell out "We're Hopping Into Kindergarten" surrounded by children's artwork of frogs with red tongues made of paper plates and ribbons
Kindergarten Readiness

EHD's suite of assessments that measures how prepared a child is for kindergarten is now in every single kindergarten classroom in both Virginia and Louisiana.

states use tools developed at the School of Education and Human Development
Three young students choose books from a bookshelf

Literacy screenings developed at UVA EHD have become the gold standard for the reading assessment of PreK-3rd grade students.


Now available as a low- to no-cost option for all publicly funded early childhood classrooms in Virginia, STREAMin³ is a comprehensive curriculum model for birth to five that seamlessly blends a focus on academic and social-emotional learning.

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Professionalizing the Child Care Workforce: Understanding the Low Rates of Credential Completion among Early Educators

This report uses administrative data to track the experiences of over 1000 child care teachers who began working towards the ECAC between 2016 and 2018.


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Implementation Evaluation of the STREAMin3 Curriculum Model

In this report, we present information about a newly developed, comprehensive, and integrated curriculum, STREAMin3, and findings from a pilot evaluation of this curriculum. STREAMin3 was designed for educators’ use in group-based settings serving children from birth to age five.

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