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The School of Education and Human Development Foundation

The Foundation is the official fundraising and gift-receiving organization for the school. Established in 1976 through the dedicated efforts and enthusiastic support of countless donors, volunteers, and friends of the school, the Foundation has maintained a focused mission: to benefit the teaching, research, and outreach programs of the school.

Foundation Board Members October 2022
Foundation Board Members October 2022

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Your gift benefits the teaching, research, and outreach programs of the School of Education and Human Development. Thank you for your support.

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Annual Report

The Foundation's vision is to spur transformative change in education and human development through rigorous practice-informed scholarship and professional preparation. The Foundation's annual report summarizes the generosity of those who support the University of Virginia School of Education and Human Development through philanthropy and is a snapshot of the incredible enthusiasm for the work currently underway.

2021 Annual Report

Foundation Board of Directors

The School of Education and Human Development Foundation board of directors is a diverse and dynamic group of professionals who have committed themselves as fundraisers and ambassadors of the School, promoting its work among their networks of colleagues and acquaintances. The cumulative expertise of this board ensures that your gift is being used to its best advantage to advance the growth of the School and the success of its students.

  1. They are passionate about universal accessibility to excellent education.
  2. They are believers in the mission and capability of the School of Education and Human Development.
  3. They are generous donors to the Foundation.

To learn more about the Foundation Board contact the Executive Director.

  • Ragan P. Folan, Chair - Winston-Salem, N.C.
  • Michael B Baughan, Vice Chair - Winston-Salem, N.C.
  • Kristin Merlo, Vice Chair - Seattle, W.A.
  • William A Marr, Jr., Treasurer - Fairfax, V.A.
  • Merrill Woodriff, Secretary - Charlottesville, V.A.
  • Richard R. Abidin- Charlottesville, V.A.
  • Peter C. Brooks - Charlottesville, V.A.
  • Courtney Brown - Zionsville, I.N.
  • Kari Couling - Charlottesville, V.A.
  • Martha Downer-Assaf - Atlanta, G.A.
  • Trisha Elcan - Nashville, T.N.
  • David Foster - Arlington, V.A.
  • Suhrid Gajendragadkar, BOV Representative - Washington, D.C.
  • Terry Hanlon, Student Representative
  • Jennifer Hunter - Richmond, V.A.
  • Paulette G. Katzenbach, Immediate Past Chair - Los Angeles, C.A.
  • Caroline Keck - Los Angeles, C.A.
  • Stephen M. Keck - Los Angeles, C.A.
  • Peter Kelly - Los Angeles, C.A.
  • Christine Lotze - Madison, N.J.
  • Mark Luellen, President's Representative, UVA Vice President for Advancement
  • Michale Marino - New York, N.Y.
  • Eric Mininberg - Atlanta, G.A.
  • Elizabeth B. Reichert - Charlottesville, V.A.
  • Xavier R. Richardson - Fredericksburg, V.A.
  • Les Snead - Los Angeles, C.A.
  • Stephanie van Hover, Faculty Representative
  • Sanford Williams - Manassas, V.A.

Emeritus Members

  • Sandra F. Stern - Englewood, N.J.

Ex-Officio Members

  • Stephanie J. Rowley, Dean and William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Education
  • Michael Cashman, Executive Director
  • Justin B. Thomson, Associate Dean for Management and Planning

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To learn more about the Foundation, our fundraising initiatives, or our Foundation Board members contact us.

Mike Cashman

Mike Cashman

  • Executive Director, School of Education and Human Development Foundation

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