Event Services

The school's administrative offices are dedicated to supporting the school's faculty, staff, and students by providing quality administrative, event, and operational services. The offices are committed to the school’s mission and community, exemplifying respect for all, excellence in service, and stewardship of financial and physical resources. The events hosted by the School of Education and Human Development are a way of connecting with our community and sharing the good work of our faculty and students. The events services team strives to provide excellent support services that will ensure the success of your event.

Our team offers event services support, including:​

  • Meeting space scheduling​
  • A/V setup and support
  • Guidance for executing successful events​
  • Coordination with the Office of Communications and Marketing on event promotion
  • Full planning services for virtual and live events 

Please explore our resources and the link to the event request form below.

Event Space Reservations


Events & Meeting Space Request Form

Meeting rooms in Ridley and Bavaro Halls are available for use to support the School of Education and Human Development's academic, research, and development programs. Meeting rooms may be reserved by the EHD departments and centers, faculty, staff, students, as well as EHD-recognized organizations and should be submitted via the above event request form.

Requests from units outside the School of Education and Human Development for meeting room usage for UVA-affiliated events should be submitted via the event request form. Each request must have a faculty or staff sponsor from within the School of Education and Human Development who will ensure compliance with meeting use guidelines and be present for the entirety of the event. These requests are subject to the approval of the Dean's Office. Any questions should be directed to [email protected].


Reservations are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis and are assigned as outlined below. Meeting space is provided without charge, except when special accommodations are required (i.e., cleaning, damages).

EHD Departments and Centers

  • Spring term reservations will be accepted beginning October 1 / confirmation of space will be sent by November 15
  • Summer term reservations will be accepted beginning February 1
  • Fall term reservations will be accepted beginning May 1 / confirmation of space will be sent by June 15

EHD student organizations / Other UVA departments / Non-UVA affiliated organizations

  • accepted the Monday following the first day of the academic term


If an event will not take place at the reserved time, the event organizer should immediately contact the event services team ([email protected]). This allows us to more freely book spaces for those who do not have advanced bookings.

Event organizers will receive a reminder from the Dean’s Office, via Smartsheet, one week prior to their scheduled event to confirm, cancel, or change their reservation. Please submit your event status as soon as possible after receipt of this email.


There may be instances where a meeting room is needed but details have not been confirmed by the department or center. In this instance, a room—or number of rooms—can be placed on “hold” for up to five business days by contacting the event services team ([email protected]). The “hold” will be released if the requesting party does not formally request the meeting room within five business days.


    • Faculty, staff and student should review space availability using Microsoft Outlook Calendar (see Adding/Using Resources in Outlook Calendar accordion section on this page)
    • Faculty and staff may reserve space by working with personnel in their department or the Dean's Office (contact information on the left side of this page), or by using the event request form.
    • Students wishing to request meeting space should work with personnel in the Dean's Office (contact information on the left side of this page), or by using the event request form.
    • You will receive a confirmation of submission immediately. Based on the support needs of your event, tasks will be confirmed by our team and then you will receive a comprehensive confirmation email.
    • Your space is confirmed once you receive a confirmation email with your room assignment.
    • The Dean's Office reserves the right to reassign space based on school needs.



Please note, the University does not release classrooms for event purposes until the semester is underway.
  • Faculty and staff may reserve classroom space using the Source.​
    • Classrooms are under the purview of Classroom Support ([email protected] / 434-982-4586), any A/V or set up should be managed through Classroom Support.

Adding Room Calendars

PC Users

MAC Users

1. Open Outlook

1. Open Outlook

2. Select Calendar Icon (bottom left corner)

2. Select Calendar Icon (bottom left corner)

3. Select Home top menu

3. Select Open Shared Calendar (top toolbar)

4. Select Add Calendar on the menu

4. Select From Room List on drop-down menu

5. Select From Room List on the drop-down menu

5. Enter EHD for the pull-down list to populate locations

6. Type EHD into the search window

6. Double-click any EHD room you would like to have available for viewing (see list below)
7. Double-click any EHD room you would like to have available for viewing (see list below) 7. These rooms will now be saved on the left navigation of your calendar window
8. These rooms will now be saved on the left navigation of your calendar window  

Check Space Availability

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Select Calendar Icon (bottom left corner)
  3. Select the Room Calendars you would like to view
    1. Depending on the number of rooms you select, your view or layout may change
  4. Navigate to the date you would like to view
    1. If there is no block on the date/time it is currently available
    2. If there is a block on the date/time it is NOT available
  5. Note the name of the room and select in preferred room field in your event request form

Recommended Calendars to Add

  • EHD Operations
  • EHD-Bavaro 104
  • EHD-Bavaro 116 / Holloway Hall
  • EHD-Bavaro 206A
  • EHD-Bavaro 234A
  • EHD-Bavaro 307
  • EHD-Bavaro 318
  • EHD-Bavaro 331
  • EHD-Ridley 106
  • EHD-Ridley 200
  • EHD-Ridley 206
  • EHD-Ridley 302 LDC

Download our space overview spreadsheet to explore configurations and equipment available in each room.

Event Space Resources & Guidelines

Conference rooms are open Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Meeting rooms are unlocked at the start and end of each day. If a meeting room is locked upon your arrival, please call 434-924-3332 or visit Bavaro 130 (the dean’s office suite) for immediate assistance.

EHD faculty, staff, and students may book a meeting outside of these normal operating hours but must make arrangements with the dean’s office for access. Temporary access and/or keys may be provided on the condition that they are returned by the following business day. Please visit the building operations page to request after-hours building access and/or visit the dean’s office for assignment of temporary keys.

Other UVA users should plan meetings within our normal operating hours.

Users are required to report and pay for any damage done to a meeting room space and/or equipment during their event. Users of the meeting space are prohibited from posting on walls using tape, tacks, or other implements.

A $50 minimum fee will be charged to your department should damages occur.

Event organizers and participants are expected to adhere to all University, local, state, and federal safety regulations.


Capacity is set by the fire marshal with the safety of occupants in mind. Event organizers and participants are required to adhere to room capacity restrictions unless written approval is provided. Exact room capacities are available above in the event space details section.


Power strips and surge protectors must have a ul rating and be fused with a reset switch. Fused power strips may not be linked in a series to create a longer cord. A limited number of power strips are available by request when you submit your event request form.


The fire code states that hallways are to be kept clear to allow for emergency egress. Please do not place furniture in hallways and refrain from blocking doorways and walkways. You must have approval before removing meeting room furnishings.


A wide variety of emergencies may require a workplace or meeting room to be evacuated. These emergencies may include fires, explosions, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, or other disturbances. The evacuation site for both Ridley and Bavaro Halls is the Perry-Fishburne Tennis Courts (the Dell).

Room set up and clean up are the responsibility of the event organizer. Requests for set-up support can be submitted along with space requests via the event request form.

The room should be restored to its original condition, including but not limited to:

  • Whiteboards/blackboards should be erased and wiped down.
  • Furniture should be returned to the original configuration and wiped down.
  • All debris should be removed from floors and other surfaces in the room.
  • A/V equipment should be turned off.
  • Specific clean up related to catering are outlined within the catering section of this website.

The event organizer or the caterer must provide serving equipment, paper products, utensils, food, beverages, ice, coasters, and trash bags. All tables should be covered if food is served, and hot food should be placed on a protective mat. Open flame is not permitted.

At the conclusion of the meeting/event, event organizers should do the following:

  • Clean up trash and remove all debris from the meeting room. Full trash bags should be carried out of the building and placed in the dumpsters located on Bonnycastle Drive or Newcomb Road South. A cleaning fee may be charged if spills occur or additional clean-up is necessary.
  • All tables and credenzas should be wiped down using water only.

If the event organizer wishes to have support from housekeeping during the clean up, please submit a request using the building services request form on the building operations page. Services are provided for a fee and a university worktag is required.



All events where alcohol will be served, whether department- or student-sponsored, must have the approval of the Vice President for Student Affairs. Alcohol approval request forms should be submitted online at least five (5) days prior to the event. A registered account is required to submit the form. If alcohol is approved, UVA Security (RMC Event staff) will need to be hired to manage the alcohol service. A copy of the approval should be submitted to the events services team ([email protected]) before the event.

Parking is available in the Central Grounds Parking Garage for a fee. Event organizers can make other arrangements with Parking and Transportation. Parking and Transportation's Event Operations Division offers a range of services to provide parking options for event visitors, including requesting a parking lot reservation or promo codes/validation coupons.

Guests of UVA (individuals who are not faculty, staff, or students) have four options for accessing the Internet using a UVA WiFi network:

  • self-service guest access 
    • Connect to the UVA Guest WiFi network
    • A pop-up window should open automatically (if the page doesn't appear, open a browser and visit in.virginia.edu/guest
  • sponsored guest access with a passcode (must be sponsored by a UVA-affiliated organization or individual)
  • sponsored long-term guest access (PIN and/or Device Registration Required)
  • guest from a participating eduroam institution (please view About eduroam WiFi)

The Information Technology website (behind Netbadge) offers instructions on how to request guest access passcodes, sponsor a long-term guest, or utilize eduroam.

It is the event organizer’s responsibility to request guest WiFi in advance of the event.

Our conference rooms are equipped with a variety of technology to meet many needs. To determine what type of technology is available in each space please view event space details on this page.

Please request specific needs and/or a pre-event A/V consultation when submitting your event request through the event request form. At the conclusion of all meetings, technology should be returned to its appropriate rest/standby state, and portable devices/adapters stored in their appropriate location.

Creating inclusive and accessible events is a priority to the School of Education and Human Development, below are resources to help you achieve this goal.