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This study meta-analyzed the last four decades (1980–2020) of reading intervention research focused on improving reading outcomes for English language (EL) students in Grades K–5 with or at risk for word reading difficulties.

This project aims to explore the relationship between sleep difficulties and children with ASD, to investigate evidence-based strategies to support the occupation of sleep, and to develop a sleep guide to be distributed to parents of children with ASD and therapy providers.

Cognitive Processes Involved in Progressing from an Initial Learner to an Experienced User of Icon-Sequencing Communication Devices & Clinical Implications for AAC Candidates with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Objective: To evaluate caregiver perspectives regarding changes in special education service provision caused by COVID-19 and to examine caregiver satisfaction and feedback regarding changes.

Establish a successful interdisciplinary PICS-p clinic in Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatrics to educate, assess, treat and support patients and their families to improve health related quality of life.

The purpose of the study is to survey families with special needs age 0 to 3 towards their perception of early intervention services.