Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning

Founded in 2006, CASTL is an interdisciplinary research center that aims to advance the quality of teaching and learning, from infancy to higher education. Our research initiatives span the globe and our faculty are leading the way to promote meaningful changes in education.

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Transforming Early Childhood Education

CASTL aims to ensure every child has the educational experiences they need to succeed in school and beyond

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Our Research Impact Across the Globe

See how CASTL's research impacts teachers, students, and future research across the globe

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Our Research Projects and Initiatives

CASTL's current research projects, focused on improving teaching and learning, span from infancy to higher education

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In the Spotlight

  • Turning Research Into Reality

    CASTL's decade of research is making classroom teaching and learning better, from childcare to higher education.

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  • Improving Kindergarten Readiness

    Professor Amanda Williford has been leading the way to expand Virginia's Kindergarten Readiness Program.

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  • CASTL's Motivate Lab Explores Learning Mindsets

    As students enter college and prepare for the workforce, what motivates them to learn and persist? Prof. Chris Hulleman and his Motivate Lab colleagues seek the answer

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Come Study with CASTL and the School

Graduate Programs

Faculty at the School of Education and CASTL work with graduate students in several nationally ranked programs.

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Research Fellowships

The Virginia Education Science Training (VEST) program provides intensive research training in education sciences.

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For Undergraduates

CASTL works with the Summer Undergraduate Research Program to help students explore educational research.

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CASTL Quick Links

Below are links to some of the most-frequently visited parts of our website.

  • MyTeachingPartner

    MyTeachingPartner™, or MTP, is a system of professional-development supports developed through the Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning. MTP improves teacher-student interactions, which in turn, increases student learning and development.

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    CLASS™ is an observational instrument developed at the University of Virginia to assess classroom quality in PK-12 classrooms. It describes multiple dimensions of teaching that are linked to student achievement and development and has been validated in over 2,000 classrooms. The CLASS™ can be used to reliably assess classroom quality for research and program evaluation and also provides a tool to help new and experienced teachers become more effective.

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  • CASTL Measures

    Faculty at the Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning have developed a number of measures that have been used in studies across the globe. Some of our measures listed are readily available for use, while others require more intensive training.

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  • CASTL Research Briefs

    CASTL Research Briefs are summaries of recent published findings associated with CASTL, and written for education professionals and the general public. The manuscript reference(s) are available in each brief.

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