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Research In Education and Learning Lab

What We Do

The Research in Education and Learning Lab at UVA, directed by Jamie Jirout, focuses on questions related to STEM learning and motivation from a cognitive developmental perspective. 

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Our Focus

Current projects examine the development of curiosity, including how instructional practices influence curiosity, and how curiosity influences learning. We also are interested in other intellectual character virtues, such as creativity and open-minded thinking. 

Additional Work

Another research area in the lab is children’s playful learning, especially how children learn from spatial play and the development of different play behaviors and beliefs about play and toys. We currently partner with the Virginia Discovery Museum's Learning Lab and Living Lab.

REAL Lab News

Our Team

Ryan Burke

Ryan Burke

  • Ph.D. Student
Jamie J. Jirout

Jamie J. Jirout

  • Associate Professor
Virginia (Ginny) E Vitiello

Virginia E. Vitiello

  • Research Associate Professor

REAL Lab Research

Promoting Curiosity in the Classroom to Support Learning

Jamie Jirout spoke about promoting students’ curiosity at an education conference, Learning & the Brain: Teaching Purposeful Brains

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Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning

Founded in 2006, CASTL is an interdisciplinary research center that aims to advance the quality of teaching and learning, from infancy to higher education. Our research initiatives span the globe and our faculty are leading the way to promote meaningful changes in education. 

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