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The Early Childhood Education (ECE) Resource Hub is a collection of high-quality, professional development resources that help educators foster young children’s development (birth to five). Created by UVA-CASTL in collaboration with the Virginia Department of Education, the hub aims to provide educators with evidence-based classroom strategies and promote equitable learning opportunities for every child. Hub resources are free to use and are publicly available.

Developed through funding and partnership with the Virginia Department of Education, the ECE (Early Childhood Education) Resource Hub offers free, high-quality educational resources for those caring for children from birth to five.

The ECE Resource Hub is a trusted place where educators can deepen their understanding of children’s development, find new ways to engage children and families, and get support for effective professional development sessions. The initiative is led by a team of ECE educators, coaches, researchers, and experts at CASTL who select and create the materials. 

The Hub was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic with a primary focus on supporting children’s social-emotional skills. Its focus is expanding into other areas of early learning like inquiry, imagination, math, language and literacy, motor skills, and more. Resources are organized around five Core Skills that children are working to develop: 

  • Relate
  • Regulate
  • Think
  • Communicate
  • Move

Educators can find overview guides, classroom videos, strategies, and book recommendations to support the development of these skills.

In addition to a focus on young children’s developing skills, the ECE Hub also supports equity, inclusion, and family engagement. Visitors to the site can access resources such as articles, podcasts, and age-specific guides for considering equity and supporting families with respect to each of the Core Skills.

The initiative serves those in the ECE field in Virginia and beyond. Updates can be accessed by subscribing to the newsletter

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"Our partnership with VDOE is focused on applying the science of early childhood education to practice and policy at scale in Virginia… The ECE Resource Hub was designed with our strong commitment to both scholarship and service."
–Amanda Williford