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The UVA Social Development Lab, directed by Sara Rimm-Kaufman, addresses pressing questions in education science from an interdisciplinary perspective. Learn more at our full website.

UVA Social Development Lab

Our Work

Current projects examine how schooling and classroom experiences contribute to elementary school aged children’s social development and academic growth.  The lab conducts collaborative work with the goal of providing a scientifically based roadmap for educators making decisions for children. 

Our Research Projects

Social Development Lab Research

Empowering Elementary Students through Environmental Service-Learning

We present five ways to amplify student voices in service-learning. Examples from teachers that we work with illustrate these steps.


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A Partnered Approach to School Change in a Rural Community: Reflections and Recommendations

The collaboration provided clear evidence that sustained change will occur only if it aligns with the goals of school leaders and fully engages members of the community, and it sheds light on the unique challenges and strengths present in a small rural community that will influence foundation work. The process also produced five recommendations for foundations that seek a partnered approach to school change.


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Associated Faculty

Jamie DeCoster

Jamie DeCoster

  • Research Assistant Professor
Nancy L Deutsch

Nancy L. Deutsch

  • Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
  • Linda K. Bunker Professor of Education
  • Director, Youth-Nex
Chris S Hulleman

Chris S. Hulleman

  • Research Professor
Sara Rimm-Kaufman

Sara Rimm-Kaufman

  • Chair, Department of Education Leadership, Foundations and Policy
  • Commonwealth Professor of Education

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Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning

Founded in 2006, CASTL is an interdisciplinary research center that aims to advance the quality of teaching and learning, from infancy to higher education. Our research initiatives span the globe and our faculty are leading the way to promote meaningful changes in education. 

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