MyTeachingPartner Secondary - Racial Discipline Gap Impact Study

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What We Do

This study aims to look at the potential impact of the MyTeachingPartner-Secondary (MTPS) coaching on reducing the racial discipline gap in secondary schools. It is a collaboration between the Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning and Rutgers University.

Project Info

Project Status: July 2015 – Present

Principal Investigators: Erik Ruzek (Co-PI), Anne Gregory (Co-PI)

The MTP Secondary - Racial Discipline Gap Impact Study is a follow-up study from the original MTPS coaching project, which found that the coaching had a significant impact on reducing the racial discipline gap in classrooms that were the focus of the coaching experience. 

During the original study, researchers collected data about discipline referrals and academic outcomes for one classroom that was the focus of the two-year coaching experience, and one additional classroom that the teacher selected in a follow-up year when the coaching was discontinued. In this study, researchers will collect the same data from each teacher’s full schedule of classrooms during that time period.

The research team is investigating whether the MTPS coaching may have produced a ripple effect, evidence that a very individualized coaching experience focused on just one classroom, may have impacted the way teachers address student behavior across the entire school day. 

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