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Curiosity researcher Jamie Jirout shares her thoughts on why stretches of safe, unstructured time can benefit children.

Though children in Haiti face many challenges, anthropologist Diane Hoffman believes predominately western efforts to support them should center more elements of Haitian culture.

Youth-Nex and its researchers and staff were recognized for their leadership and scientific excellence in the field of positive youth development and adolescence research.

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A first-generation student and child of immigrants, Luna Alazar believes deeply in the impact of quality education. She graduates with her bachelor’s degree in youth and social innovation and will begin her master’s in higher education at UVA EHD this summer.

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Leaders at Youth-Nex are fulfilling the commitment they made to create more youth-led opportunities, including a youth summit which will take place in late April.

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Continuing a family tradition of careers in education, Jacob Horen is graduating with his M.Ed. in Counselor Education.

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Three School of Education and Human Development faculty members received a $321,000 large research grant from the Spencer Foundation to conduct a mixed-methods study engaging African American children in participatory research.

UVA students studying to become school counselors are learning how to translate research into practitioner-focused briefs, building their own skills and benefiting counselors already in schools.

Designed as a guiding light for those supporting adolescents, Portrait of a Thriving Youth is a dynamic picture of what youth need to flourish.

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Professor Deutsch was recognized for her decades-long work as a citizen and scholar to improve the lives of adolescents.

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