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  • Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility

This commentary was originally published by Greater Good Magazine, where you can view the entire piece with linked citations and sources. We asked students of color what school is like for them. Here...

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  • Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning

Professor Alridge hopes the stories and insights from civil rights-era teachers can help current teachers navigate the present moment.

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  • Center for Race and Public Education in the South

Alexander is graduating with an M.Ed. in Higher Education and embarking on a new career advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives in higher education.

A chance meeting seven years ago has turned into a years-long partnership to support the wellbeing of indigenous adolescents.

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  • Human Services
  • Youth-Nex

Associate Professor LaRon Scott's latest research uncovers insights about the recruitment and retention of special education teachers of color.

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  • Curriculum, Instruction & Special Education

The award-winning author and professor spoke to the UVA EHD community about Black joy, what it means to be an abolitionist teacher, and how to fight injustice within schools and communities.

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  • Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Stephanie Rowley tells UVA President Jim Ryan a national teacher shortage could create a generation of people “who have not experienced high-quality educational opportunities in the classroom.”

New funding supports ongoing research on how universities are reckoning with their histories of slavery – and how those histories affect students today.

Grades K-2 are a particularly fertile time to nurture students’ creativity

Assistant Professor Wintre Foxworth Johnson received an award for her article on how a school centered Black history as a way of supporting children’s literacies and identities.

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  • Youth-Nex