Are you interested in designing and delivering programs for physical activity, rehabilitation, sport and exercise that enhances the performance and quality of life for young and old? The Kinesiology program at the School of Education and Human Development does just that by providing a unique blend of direct instruction by top faculty, field and clinical practice, and various research opportunities.

At the School of Education and Human Development, our Kinesiology program advances the discovery, development, interpretation, dissemination and application of knowledge that relates the study of human movement and physical activity to human well-being. We foster innovation and diversity across many dimensions and prepare our students to engage in projects that address the needs of our increasingly complex and diverse society.

Regardless of the degree you choose, you will have a number of required courses. However, you'll also have opportunities to shape your coursework according to your career goals, including adding a second major or a minor inside or outside of the School of Education and Human Development, which is one of the great advantages of studying at a school which is part of a larger university.

“A strong body makes the mind strong.”

– Thomas Jefferson

A faculty member from Kinesiology will serve as your academic advisor, assisting you with the selection of classes. Your advisor will also help you consider optimal settings for gaining hands-on experiences in clinical, athletic, or school settings.

Your choice of career will depend a lot on what degree you receive from the School of Education and Human Development. Let us help you pick the right one.


Undergraduate Program - #5 - USA Today, 2014 - Top 10 colleges to major in health and physical fitness


Graduates of our Kinesiology programs find fulfilling, engaging careers in many areas. Graduates have gone on to be occupational and physical therapists, athletic administrators, educators, public policy makers, clinicians and researchers.  According to the bureau of labor statistics, jobs in the Kinesiology field are expected to grow over 30% by 2024. Demand for physical therapists is especially strong. In addition, an undergraduate or advanced degree in Kinesiology can prepare you for a medical degree that would provide much higher earning potential.

Many of the options available of Kinesiology graduates depend on the level of education they receive. Discover which program is right for you.

Exercise as Medicine

Can medical professionals effectively use exercise as a form of medicine?

  • Undergraduate

    Undergraduate studies in Kinesiology will prepare you for a wide range of careers related to health and wellness. Our faculty understands your passion for health, fitness and sports performance and will help to nurture and develop it. With either a major in Kinesiology or a minor in Health and Well-being, you’ll not only learn in the classroom, but also on the field, in the lab, in the clinic and with faculty.

    Kinesiology Major
    Health & Well-Being Minor
  • Athletic Training and Sports Medicine

    The School of Education and Human Development offers advanced degrees in athletic training and sports medicine, whether you are interested in becoming certified as an athletic trainer (ATC) or pursuing a career in academia or research. Our 24-month, year-round M.Ed. program provides in-depth instruction as well as clinical and research experiences, while our Ph.D. is a research-intensive program that is typically completed in four years.

    M.S. in Athletic Training
    Ph.D. in Education – Kinesiology – Sports Medicine
  • Exercise Physiology

    Exercise physiology often overlaps with public health, epidemiology, nutrition, medicine and athletics. An advanced degree in Exercise Physiology prepares you for a clinical or research career in fitness/exercise and health promotion, physical activity intervention, cardiac rehabilitation or strength training and conditioning.

    M.Ed. in Kinesiology – Exercise Physiology
    Ph.D. in Education – Kinesiology – Exercise Physiology
  • Kinesiology for Individuals with Disabilities

    With a degree in Kinesiology for Individuals with Disabilities, you can use the power of adapted physical education to make a difference in the lives of the students who need it most. M.Ed. students are taught by internationally known experts and work with occupational and physical therapists in local public schools. Doctoral students develop research skills and apply their knowledge of adapted physical education toward a future career in higher education or public school administration.

    M.Ed. in Kinesiology for Individuals with Disabilities
    Ph.D. in Education – Kinesiology – Kinesiology for Individuals with Disabilities

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