EdPolicyWorks research spans education policy topics from early childhood to higher education and employment. These projects include our work in the areas of methodology and measurement.

Methodology & Measurement Projects

  • Research Project

Empirical Evaluations of Non-Experimental Methods: Theory, Application and Synthesis

This project has two goals for improving the theory, application, and synthesis of within-study comparison designs for evaluating non-experimental methods: to establish a coherent framework for the design, implementation, and analysis of within-study comparisons for evaluating non-experimental methods and to establish an infrastructure for conducting an ongoing quantitative synthesis of WSC results.

  • Research Project

Experimental Evaluations of Intensive College Advising Organizations

In partnership with Bottom Line, College Forward, and College Summit, we are conducting randomized controlled trial evaluations of intensive college advising programs across the country that provide high school and college students with one-on-one support to access and persist in college.