EdPolicyWorks research spans education policy topics from early childhood to higher education and employment. These projects include our work in the areas of college access and success.

By examining strategies like advising, nudging, and even the use of algorithms, researchers are exploring ways to provide better outcomes for students seeking to enter and complete college courses and degrees.

College Access & Success Projects

  • Research Project

Investigating the Scalability of Personalized Text Message Campaigns

In partnership with the State of Delaware and several school districts in Wisconsin, we are investigating the scalability of personalized text messaging campaigns to help students apply for financial aid and matriculate to college.

  • Research Project

Nudging Students to Make Informed Student Loan Borrowing Decisions

In partnership with the Community College of Baltimore County, we are sending new loan applicants text messages that provide simplified information about the loan origination process and that offer one-on-one loan counseling from a financial aid counselor. We are evaluating the texting campaign through a randomized controlled trial.

  • Research Project

Text Message Interventions to Increase Rural Students' College Matriculation and Success

In partnership with the West Virginia Higher Education Planning Commission, we will send students attending GEAR UP high schools personalized text messages about important tasks to complete in order to matriculate and persist in college.

  • Research Project

The Price of STEM Success: The Impact of Need-Based Financial Aid

This study investigates whether, how, and why need-based financial aid affects the behavior of students in key science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics (STEM) programs by contributing to their chances of success. More specifically, we examine the pathways through which aid affects students’ selection of, continued enrollment in, and successful completion of associate and baccalaureate degrees in STEM.

  • Research Project

Virtual College Advising for High-Achieving, Low-Income Students

In partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies and America Achieves, we are evaluating the impact of the CollegePoint Initiative, which offers high-achieving, low-income students across the country one-on-one, online advising throughout the college and financial aid process.