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  • Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning

New review from the University of Virginia; Teachers College, Columbia University; University of California-Irvine; and University of Delaware reveals varied impact of preschool programs on long-term school success.

Tara Hofkens will lead an effort to assess the impacts of an inquiry-driven learning model designed specifically for middle school students.

Three UVA education researchers, with colleagues across the U.S., are evaluating a professional development program that coaches elementary teachers on how to use an active and playful approach to increase engagement and learning in math.

UVA is celebrating a record-breaking research funding year with a multipart series featuring some of the people who helped make it happen.

UVA researchers and Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) partners will scale the novel data system to better understand and improve access to quality early childcare across the Commonwealth.

Assistant Professor Colby Hall will lead a team to modify a technology-based reading program to meet the needs of English Learners at risk for reading difficulties.

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This commentary was originally published by Greater Good Magazine, where you can view the entire piece with linked citations and sources. We asked students of color what school is like for them. Here...

Professor Rimm-Kaufman offers insights into how teachers and leaders can work together to effectively implement longstanding SEL practices in their schools.

New evidence from UVA researchers suggests that focusing on building students’ general knowledge about the world could significantly boost reading scores and narrow achievement gaps.

The long-term effects of the Core Knowledge curriculum saw students’ reading scores improve by 16 percentile points on state standardized tests.