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  • Literacy

Assistant Professor Colby Hall will lead a team to modify a technology-based reading program to meet the needs of English Learners at risk for reading difficulties.

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  • Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning

Tisha Hayes discovered early that literacy was a critical key to learning. At UVA, she passes on this tenet to aspiring teachers.

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  • Curriculum, Instruction & Special Education

Katlynn Dahl-Leonard, a second-year student in UVA EHD's Reading Education program, was recognized for her work ethic and scholarship in early literacy instruction.

New data shows literacy scores fell during the pandemic. Education professor Emily Solari explains what it will take to recover from these disrupted learning opportunities.

Experts, teachers, administrators, and policymakers from across the Commonwealth convened for a half-day virtual summit on the science of reading and effective literacy instruction.

Professor Emily Solari discusses the pathway to increasing literacy skills in American students.

Professor Emily Solari will lead a team of researchers to evaluate the Reading Well program’s impact on first grade children.

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