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  • Daphna Bassok

This report uses administrative data to track the experiences of over 1000 child care teachers who began working towards the ECAC between 2016 and 2018.

As part of a research-policy partnership, we conducted the first randomized controlled trial testing the impacts of financial incentives on teacher turnover in ECE settings.

Since 2019, Virginia has been piloting the Teacher Recognition Program (TRP), a financial incentive program aimed at supporting early educators and reducing turnover.

This report describes teacher turnover over an eight-month period in a sample of over 1,000 Virginia child care teachers.

This report describes child care leaders’ staffing challenges during the COVID pandemic using data from a Fall 2020 survey of 262 Virginia child care leaders.

This report describes findings from a survey of nearly 3,000 Virginia parents and caregivers of children ages 3-5 enrolled in early care and education programs in winter of 2020-21.