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COVID-19 Protocols, Sheila C. Johnson Center

To maintain the safest environment possible for our clients and our faculty and staff, read about adjustments to our service offerings.

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The Sheila C. Johnson Center's faculty and staff have gathered, implemented, and are making available specific science-based interventions particularly relevant to promoting child and adult health during this time of quarantine. Click here to explore our range of services for telehealth, assessment and learning at home. 

Last update: April 13, 2021. Please call the office to inquire about current service availabilities

For current clients using our Clinical Psychology Services:  

Clinical Psychology services at SJC will continue to operate for existing clients but will switch to clinical video technology (telehealth). If you are an existing client, your clinician will be in touch with you regarding the process for switching to clinical video technology.

For those interested in establishing psychological treatment:

Please call our front desk and ask to be placed on our waitlist.  In order to continue serving our community at this time we are shifting to online treatment via clinical video technology. If you are placed on our waitlist, someone from our clinic will be in touch with you within a week to discuss options for starting treatment.

For those interested in scheduling new psychological/educational diagnostic assessments:

We are not currently able to accept new clients but hope to have the capacity soon. Please call our front desk to inquire about new telehealth or in-person assessment options.

Clients scheduled for upcoming Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) assessments:

Initial intake interviews will be held via telehealth online instead of in-person at the clinic. Please call the clinic and a clinician will contact you to confirm scheduling and discuss the use of telehealth.

For clients interested in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Therapy Services:

All autism therapy services are occurring over telehealth, including individual therapy services and parent training for challenging behaviors in ASD. Please call our front desk to be added to the waitlist.

We are currently recruiting UVA students with autism and other social challenges for a PEERS social skills group. Learn more about social groups >

For clients interested in Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment:

Please call the office for possible autism assessment openings.

For current clients of our Speech-Language Pathology Services:

Existing clients will be seen via Telehealth as determined collaboratively by clinicians, clients, and caregivers. Your therapist will contact you to discuss the continuation of services via a telehealth platform. This might include existing direct services but also might include new services as well, such as virtual parent training or consultative services.

For those interested in establishing Speech-Language Pathology Services:

New clients are welcome to call at any time to make an appointment.

For current clients using our Audiology Services:

Please call the clinic and we will determine the best course of action to address your needs (including sending parts by mail, drive-up services, and in-office appointments).

Child and Infant Hearing Assessments: Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) and Otoacoustic Emission (OAE) tests:

Early detection and intervention for infant hearing difficulties are key to long-term outcomes. As newborn hearing screenings and follow-ups have been affected in many healthcare facilities, longer than usual wait times make it difficult for families to know the best way to proceed. The Sheila C. Johnson Center can help so that the families and children can be safely assessed sooner. 

McGuffey Reading Programs and Camps:
Reading Assessments:

If you are interested in our diagnostic assessment appointments, please call to get on our waiting list. 

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