Youth-Nex Initiatives

Youth-Nex’s translational approach to scholarship and innovation is realized through several core initiatives at the center. These efforts are dedicated a) to providing a venue for scholars and practitioners whose work is furthering the goal of racial justice, b) to supporting developmental science that is not only anti-racist but is in the service of dismantling white supremacy, and c) to amplifying the voices and lived experiences of adolescents who have been marginalized.

Exploring our initiatives will provide opportunities to download resources, review tips and strategies, and learn more about positive youth development that is applicable to researchers, practitioners and any youth-serving professional. If you need help finding anything, please email [email protected]

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Youth-Nex Blog

Included in this blog are tips and strategies for your work with students and youth.

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The words Remaking Middle School in blue and orange

Remaking Middle School

Remaking Middle School is a multi-phase initiative, elevating the innovation that is present in middle schools across the country and soliciting national input on how we ensure all students thrive in, and grow from, their experience in the middle grades.

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Logo with words YPAR and NEXUS

Youth Participatory Action Research

Youth-Nex’s Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) initiative has created the YPAR Nexus, a set of resources for communities/organizations interested in partnering with youth to design and implement research projects.

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Logo for the portrait of a thriving adolescent

Portrait of a Thriving Youth

The Portrait of a Thriving Youth describes what optimal development looks like during this important period of development.

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A student wearing a mask, with a ball cap backwards on his head and headphones resting around his neck is standing while an adult takes his temperature on his forehead

Adolescents and the Pandemic

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Youth-Nex and partners engaged around the topics of adolescent development, the pandemic, and returning to school.

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The words Youth-Speak above three youth smiling at the camera


Youth-Speak is a project supported by Youth-Nex and designed to amplify youth voices.

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