Youth-Speak is a project supported by Youth-Nex and designed to amplify youth voices. Originally a blog designed for adolescents, these videos provide a rich source of guidance for youth from youth on a range of subjects. The expansive video archive captures what youth have to say and how they feel about school, family, relationships, stress, and more. 

It is also important for adults to listen to youth, and allow space to understand their unique perspectives. On this page, Youth-Nex has selected key categories and videos that speak to what adults may want to know or understand from youth.

  • Have you ever wished that your child’s best friend could give you advice? 
  • Want to understand youth better?

Browse through these 30-90 second videos to have an inside look into how youth are thinking! More videos are also available on our Youth-Speak playlist on YouTube.

Youth-Speak on YouTube

Read more about how this website was created by youth in this Youth-Nex blog post "The Importance of Youth Voice."

What Matters Is Being True to Yourself

In this example, the youth discusses being true to yourself, especially if your family doesn’t agree with or support you.

Persisting and Staying Positive

In this example, the youth discusses ways he remains positive and persists when facing hard tasks.


Youth Speak Samples

Listen to youth sharing their perspectives from Youth-Speak and understand more about their experiences by browsing the categories below (click the topic to expand & view videos).

Youth face a range of challenges every day at school. Here are how some youth perceive school challenges and respond within the school environment.  


What do you do if your friend makes a racist comment?

Dating & Schoolwork

The benefits of healthy dating while also keeping it all in perspective.


How do you confront it?

Partying, Peer Pressure, & Picking on People

It's not "cool" to pretend to be someone that you're not.

Youth often face challenges in many aspects of their lives. Supporting them to find determination and have discipline can help adolescents to keep pushing forward towards their goals. One youth talks about her own personal experiences. 

Working Hard Helps

Persevering despite personal challenges makes hard work pay off.

Overcoming Disappointment

Disappointment is a part of life, and moving on is important in order to stay positive.

Strength to Persevere

Trying new things despite hesitation is important.

When A Lot is Expected of You

Dealing with high expectations and the pressure to stand out can be challenging.


Youths can struggle with discovering who they are, who they want to be, and how to become their best selves. It may be helpful for adults to understand these struggles to provide the support that helps adolescents’ develop. 

Reading Helps When Feeling Alone

If family isn’t helpful, reading can help you discover things about yourself, come to term with things, and learn more.

How Do You Find What You Love To Do?

Trying different activities is important to find what you love to do, and eventually to find your purpose. 

Making Choices

Every choice you make can make an impact and an impression. 


Confidence can help in the transition from middle school to high school.

Exploring one’s sexuality and coming out to peers and family can be an intimidating process for young people. It is important to understand and support youth throughout this coming out process. Watch one youth describe his personal story.

Coming Out - Part 1

How he came to terms with who he’s attracted to, and eventually met more like-minded and accepting people.

Coming Out To Parents

He was surprised that his parents were so supportive of him.

Coming Out at School

He was nervous at first, but eventually came out to his friends and was unexpectedly welcomed. 

Confronting Bullying

He had to make a really tough decision after his boyfriend started to be bullied.