Project MOSAIC

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What We Do

The purpose of Project MOSAIC (Multimedia vOcabulary System leveraging Artificial Intelligence to support Content area learning) is to develop individually responsive, engaging, and powerful academic vocabulary instructional products to support literacy and middle and high school readiness for students with and at risk for disabilities and English learners.

Project Information

Project Status: Active

Project Funder: US Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs

PI: Michael Kennedy

MOSAIC intends to incorporate an intelligent tutoring system using natural language processing and ChatGPT to provide feedback to students to meet the needs of diverse learners with disabilities. The project seeks to facilitate improved academic vocabulary knowledge, content area learning, and middle and high school readiness for students with and at risk for disabilities and English learners.

Stemming from the use of Project MOSAIC products and services, the team aims to achieve these outcomes:

  1. Students in grades 3-6 increase their engagement and independence through an extended amount of (quality) time spent learning key vocabulary terms and concepts.
  2. Family members have the opportunity to become further engaged in student’s learning.
  3. Personalized learning options for learning based on individual characteristics and needs will be generated by AI-based functionality.

Through the project, the MOSAIC team will work to expand the functionality of project technology to provide automatic and effective feedback and learning extension activities (e.g., intelligent tutoring) to students through AI natural language processing for immediate feedback on student-produced multimedia production and ChatGPT functionality. 

They will also work to disseminate project products and services and develop standard operating procedures to sustain ongoing implementation, taking advantage of lessons learned through work with partner districts to scale up implementation in additional schools.

Project News

Project Team

Jennifer Chiu

Jennifer Chiu

  • Associate Professor
Olivia Fudge Coleman

Olivia Fudge Coleman

  • Research Project Manager
Colby Hall

Colby Hall

  • Assistant Professor
Michael J Kennedy

Michael J. Kennedy

  • Professor
Rachel Kunemund

Rachel Kunemund

  • Research Assistant Professor
LaRon Scott

LaRon A. Scott

  • Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Associate Professor