Olivia Fudge Coleman

Olivia Fudge Coleman

  • Research Project Manager

Office Location

Bavaro Hall
PO Box 400267
417 Emmet Street S
Charlottesville, VA 22903


Olivia Fudge Coleman is a project manager and Co-Lead of the STORMED (Supporting Teachers through cOaching, obseRvations, and Multimedia to Educate students with Disabilities) Team. She co-manages the S4 OSEP Stepping Up Technology Implementation grant and the newly funded VERIFY Stepping Up project.

Coleman began her educational career as a teacher of middle school students with significant cognitive disabilities and then as a teacher of third-grade students with and without disabilities. Her research has focused on (a) understanding the current state of educational programs and practices for students with significant cognitive disabilities and (b) promoting and developing inclusive, evidence-based practices for this population of students.


Ph.D., University of Utah