There are several types of non-funded agreements (NFAs) that EHD researchers may encounter during the course of their work. Non-funded agreements (NFAs) are agreements where no funding is being provided. Common NFAs types that we see in EHD include:

  • Data Use Agreement (DUA) – incoming & outgoing
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) / Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA)
  • License Agreement
  • Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) – incoming & outgoing
  • Collaboration Agreement

NFAs are initiated in ResearchUVA PBH (“Huron”) and routed to the contract negotiators in UVA's Office of Sponsored Programs for review, negotiation, and acceptance. The contact information for EHD’s main point of contact for NFAs is below.

Sponsored Research Agreements (SRA) are agreements where funding is being provided under a sponsored award. These are also known as grant agreements and research funding agreements. These are reviewed and executed as part of the award negotiation process and are not typically initiated by EHD researchers or staff. External personnel should contact the EHD faculty member or the faculty member’s pre-award research administrator for guidance.

Non-Funded Agreements FAQs

  1. Contact EHD's NFA contact (below) to initiate the NFA Smartform in ResearchUVA PBH and forward any draft agreements, supporting documentation, and other information necessary (e.g., IRB approval) for the NFA. Please also provide the legal entity name and address of the counterparty.
  2. The EHD NFA contact will work with you to complete any remaining items necessary for the Smartform, and will set up any necessary ancillary reviews.
  3. Once the Smartform is complete and all ancillary reviews have been signed, the EHD NFA contact will submit the NFA to OSP for their review and execution.
  4. Please initiate this process as early as possible, and build in multiple weeks into your time to allow for review.

The following items are typically required for all non-funded agreements:

  1. Do you have a draft agreement from the sponsor, or will OSP need to generate one internally? (If the sponsor provides it, send it to Jeff Parks.)
  2. What is the project title?
  3. What type of agreement is needed? (for example, Confidentiality Agreement, Data Use Agreement, Material Transfer Agreement, etc.)
  4. What is the project description?
  5. Does this request require UVA to provide funding (>$500) to an outside party for goods and services? 
  6. What is the Counterparty’s name and address, and the name, email, and phone number of the counterparty’s contact for this agreement
  7. What department or center will this NFA be run through?
  8. What are the project start and end dates?
  9. Will any students work on this project? If so, will they be paid, and are they graduate or undergraduate students?
  10. Do you have any additional information to provide?

Additional information that will be needed is dependent upon the type of NFA you are requesting. OSP lists what documents are required based on agreement type on their contracts website.

The University of Virginia bases its DUA template on the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) templates.

The OSP website includes information and our position regarding high leverage contractual issues.

Please review any funding and payment terms and conditions in the non-funded agreement to make sure this meets with the PI’s and Post-award’s expectations, and contact Jeff Parks if changes need to be made. 

All agreements (including sponsored research agreements) must be signed by a designated authorized official. For EHD, typically this is Bill Schoelwer or Stewart Craig in the Office of Sponsored Programs. However, the EHD Principal Investigator may be asked to sign an acknowledgement to affirm their responsibilities and agreement to the terms and conditions.

The contact for EHD's non-funded agreement point-person is below.

Grant agreements are tied to funded sponsored awards so you should reach out to the EHD Principal Investigator (PI) or their local pre-award or post-award research administrator, whose contact information can be found on those webpages. Please reference any identifying information (award number, for example) in your communications.

Non-Funded Agreements Contact

Contact for data use agreements (DUAs), MOUs, confidential disclosure agreements (CDAs), material transfer agreements (MTAs), etc.