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Admission for High School Students

Learn about the admission process for students applying directly from high school.

The School of Education and Human Development offers just one Direct Admit program - Kinesiology. Direct Admit means students are able to apply directly from high school using the Common Application. When applying, please be sure to select Kinesiology (School of Education and Human Development), not the College of Arts and Sciences.

Once enrolled, students take courses both in the College of Arts and Sciences and in the School of Education and Human Development. The Kinesiology major leads to a Bachelor of Science in Education (B.S.Ed.) degree. The School of Education and Human Development also offers several Kinesiology graduate degrees should you wish to continue your studies.

Kinesiology refers to the study of movement and is a multifaceted field of study in which movement or physical activity is the intellectual focus. Learn more about the B.S.Ed. in Kinesiology here:

B.S.Ed. in Kinesiology

If you are interested in studying our Kinesiology major directly from high school, connect with the School of Education and Human Development's Office of Admission and Enrollment. We can help connect you to various University resources you can use to either plan a visit, or learn more about the B.S.Ed. in Kinesiology program.

Application Deadline for High School Students

All high school students apply to the B.S.Ed. in Kinesiology program through the Common App. Application deadlines are as follows:

Early decision/Early action: November 1

Regular decision: January 1


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Learn more about the Department of Kinesiology here:

Department of Kinesiology


We provide education and training programs for graduate and undergraduate students interested in studying how human movement and physical activity impact health, society, and quality of life. 

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