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What We Do

This randomized control trial conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Virginia applied two proven behavior management approaches (PAX Good Behavior Game and My Teaching Partner™) to the training of new teachers in Kindergarten through grade 3. The goal was to help the teachers undertake their work with skills that can enable better classroom management and less intrusion on instructional goals.

Project Information

Project Team

PI: Patrick Tolan

Co-PIsCatherine Bradshaw, Jason Downer, Bob Pianta, Nicholas Ialongo

Intervention Team: Jennifer P. Keperling, M.A., LCPC, Dana Darney, Ph.D., Brenda C. Kelly, Ph.D.

Assessment Team: Ethel Caspa, April L. Lawson

The intervention aimed to help support teachers’ motivation and their students’ behaviors and academic performance. Initial data collection is complete, and the project is now in a follow-up phase to examine the long-term effects of the intervention. 

You can learn more about PAX GBG at and MyTeachingPartner

PAX GBG Testimonials

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EHD Project Team

Catherine Bradshaw

Catherine P. Bradshaw

  • Senior Associate Dean for Research
  • University Professor
Lex Budavari

Lex Budavari

  • Research Scientist
Jason T Downer

Jason T. Downer

  • Professor
  • Director, Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning
Robert C Pianta

Robert C. Pianta

  • Batten Bicentennial Professor of Early Childhood Education
Patrick Tolan

Patrick H. Tolan

  • Charles S. Robb Professor Emeritus of Education

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