Robert Noyce Scholarship for M.T. in Science Education Students

The Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program is awarded to institutions of higher education to provide scholarships, and programmatic support to recruit and prepare STEM professionals to become K-12 teachers. The program seeks to increase the number of K-12 teachers with strong STEM content knowledge who teach in high-need school districts. At the UVA School of Education and Human Development, the Noyce scholarship is awarded to students pursuing the M.T. in Science Education program. $18,000 will be awarded to up to 40 participants in each academic year the school receives Noyce Scholarship Program funds.

Through the M.T. in Science Education program, students will graduate with a Virginia state teaching license. As a recipient of an $18,000 Noyce Scholarship award, you will commit to teaching at a high-need school district for 3.5 years.* Scholars must complete this teaching commitment within six years of earning their M.T. in Science Education degree.

*Explore additional details on eligibility and teaching commitment below.

Scholarship Overview

Eligibility and Conditions

To be eligible for the Noyce Scholarship, you must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen, national, or permanent resident alien
  • Be interested in a career in teaching
  • Have a prior degree in Science or Engineering or a related STEM area
  • Have a GPA of 3.0 and above in a previous field of study
  • Be admitted to the M.T. in Science Education program at UVA
  • Agree to teach for 3.5 years in a high-need school district as a condition of receiving $18,000 in scholarship funds. You may choose to receive less than the full award but no less than $10,000. The Noyce Scholarship Program requires that each scholarship recipient teaches for 2 years for every $10,000 in scholarship funds received.
  • Complete the teaching commitment within 6 years of graduation

If you are unable to complete your degree or meet your teaching service commitment, you will be required to repay the amount of your Noyce support, plus any applicable interest. A signed promissory note is required, acknowledging the conditional nature of the award and stating a promise to repay the funds.

Application Process

Applicants to the Noyce Scholarship Program must also apply for or have been accepted to UVA's M.T. in Science Education program. Students who apply to the M.T. in Science Education program will be contacted by program faculty with the Noyce scholarship application

Direct all questions about the Noyce Scholarship to the contacts listed on this page.

Contact Us

For questions about the Noyce Scholarship and information about the application process, email the program contacts:

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