What Is ECHO?

At the STAR initiative, we participate in a global movement called Project ECHO. Project ECHO is a virtual solution to a growing healthcare problem: the reality that in most areas only a fraction of patients receives needed specialty care. Through Zoom, a team of specialists offers case-based mentorship to practitioners across a wide geographical region in the idea of "Moving Knowledge, Not Patients."

ECHO networks have spread across universities, hospitals, and healthcare organizations to address a myriad of complex healthcare issues. These networks continue to adhere to the same basic principles: they are free, committed to team-based care, practice mentorship, and are based on the idea of "all teach, all learn.”

ECHO Networks

The ECHO Autism networks at Supporting Transformative Autism Research (STAR) are tailored to different communities of people supporting individuals with autism.

  • Primary Care Providers
  • Early Intervention Providers
  • Families
  • Educators
  • Psychiatric Care Providers

Our team consists of experts across many different fields, including special education, speech and language, early childhood education, psychology, family support, and resource coordination. Many ECHO sessions also feature parents of individuals with autism and family navigators. These team members provide a valuable perspective on what it looks like to care for individuals with autism.

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Supporting Transformative Autism Research

The STAR initiative is led by the School of Education and Human Development in partnership with colleagues across the University. STAR aims to improve the lives of individuals with autism through groundbreaking research and innovative models for intervention and training.