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What We Do

The SERG lab explores how to support all students to understand and engage in practices of science, engineering, mathematics, and computational fields and how to help teachers to facilitate rich and equitable STEM+CS experiences in their classrooms. 

Current Areas of Work

  • Developing materials to help teachers integrateComputer Science For and By Teachers: An Integrative Toolkit for 3rd-5th Grade Classrooms
  • Co-designing Simulations to Support Mathematical Discourse in Schools
  • Science Education Instruction for Elementary Students with Learning Disabilities
  • Research, professional learning and the design and development of low-cost, accessible computational tools through Global Center for Equitable Computer Science Education
  • UVA-Buford Lab School Planning Grant

Lab Team

Jennifer Chiu

Jennifer Chiu

  • Associate Professor

Kim Wilkens

  • Education and Outreach Director

Lab News