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What We Do

The Charlottesville Computer Science Community (CCSC) is a research-practice partnership (RPP) between the School of Education and CS Department, the Charlottesville City Public Schools, and after-school non-profits Tech-Girls and C4K. 

We believe that computer science (CS) is part of all of our lives. In today’s tech-driven world, a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of computing can empower students to take control of how technologies will affect their lives, their culture, and their future. Students need opportunities to learn CS to enable them to become creators–not just consumers–of the next wave of discoveries, solutions, and innovation.

To build capacity around CS education in K-8 contexts, we are committed to:

  • Creating high-quality resources for integrating CS into elementary and middle school classes
  • Developing and implementing professional development for equitable CS teaching
  • Providing ongoing mentorship and teacher support to customize lessons and courses for their classes
  • Making all resources created available: #GoOpenVA repository and Creating Equitable CS Experiences Handbook

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Project Team

Jennifer Chiu

Jennifer Chiu

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Kim Wilkens

  • Education and Outreach Director