Current Behaviors and Barriers/Facilitators to Physical Activity and Nutrition in Young Adults and Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Parent Perspectives

  • Research Project

What We Do

We are examining the role of parent’s perception of their own diet and that of their child’s with ASD to explore ways to improve dietary intake patterns of children with ASD.

We developed a questionnaire to assess overlap between parental and child eating patterns and attitudes towards food and focus especially on food groups that contribute to healthy diet patterns.

Project Team

Martin Block

Martin E. Block

  • Professor
  • Director, Kinesiology for Individuals with Disabilities Program
Sibylle Kranz

Sibylle Kranz

  • Associate Professor

Related Lab

  • DAN
  • Research Lab

Diet and Nutrition Research Laboratory

Our mission is to investigate the effect of diet on health and learning outcomes, especially in children. The lab consists of a metabolic kitchen and a feeding/dining area with a play space for our studies in children.