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Our researchers generate new articles, briefs, reports and even podcasts. Search below for the most recent offerings from across our research portfolio. This is a sampling of our scholarship. To learn more, we invite you to connect with a faculty member, research center or project.

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This resource, for both adults and youth, is about how to research ideas and key findings with a wide range of audiences.

This resource for adults describes what YPAR is and what YPAR is not.

This resource for adults has reflection questions to assess readiness to launch a YPAR project, recruit a youth-adult research team, and plan/prepare for the collaborative work.

This resource for adults includes a checklist with “key ingredients” that facilitate the success of YPAR work.

This resource for adults has to-do lists to complete before starting a YPAR project.

This resource for adults has 4 frameworks for conceptualizing engagement in youth-adult partnerships.

This resource for adults provides instructions on how to use exit tickets after a YPAR collaborative session.