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  • Bryan Cook

We propose that researchers in special education adopt emerging open-science reforms, such as preprints, data and materials sharing, preregistration of studies and analysis plans, and Registered Reports.

  • Council for Exceptional Children

We discuss how adopting open-science practices can advance the quality of research and, consequently, policy and practice in special education.

In this article, we first define null findings and publication bias as they relate to group and single‐subject instructional intervention research. We then explore the prevalence of instructional intervention studies that report null findings in the learning disabilities literature.

  • Learning Disabilities Research & Practice

In this article, we first define null findings and publication bias as they relate to group and single-subject instructional intervention research.

  • Behavioral Disorders

This special issue of Behavioral Disorders provides an outlet for methodologically sound studies with null findings.

  • Remedial and Special Education

We examined whether the 83 intervention studies published in six non-categorical research journals in special education in 2013 and 2014 might be considered replications.

  • Remedial and Special Education

The purpose of this article is to consider the potential benefits of conceptualizing special education intervention research within a framework of systematic, conceptual replication.

  • Remedial and Special Education

This article introduces the special issue on replication of special education intervention research by first providing an overview of concepts and issues related to replication.