Doctoral Student Degree Completion

Important Information for Doctoral Student Degree Completion (Ed.D and Ph.D.)

  • Students should work closely with their advisor and program coordinators prior to their intended semester of completion to understand timeline, requirements, and other important considerations.
  • Students must be enrolled or on affiliated status during the semester in which they plan to graduate. Please see Graduate Record and the information below for additional information on the enrollment policy.
  • Students must apply to graduate in SIS by the deadline for the semester in which they hope to graduate.
  • The below are standard requirements and procedures for the School of Education and Human Development. Individual degree programs may maintain additional requirements and procedures.

Degree Completion Requirements, Procedures and Deadlines

Students must be enrolled in their degree-granting program for the semester in which they expect to graduate. Ph.D. and Ed.D. students at EHD must be enrolled in at least three (3) credits for the semester in which they expect to graduate.

Apply to graduate in SIS by the deadlines below. This is critical.

  • Fall - October 1st
  • Spring - February 1st
  • Summer - July 1st

Students should verify in SIS that their Academic Requirements and enrollment are accurate. Students are responsible for verifying the accuracy of their current transcript prior to degree conferral, and that there are no blank or incomplete grades. Transcripts and grades cannot be amended after degree conferral. The University Registrar will not confer a degree if there are any blank or incomplete grades. The Degree Progress Tool, Academic Requirement Report, and meeting with the advisor can be essential tools. Students should verify that there are no outstanding tuition or fees due. The University Registrar will not confer a degree if any monies are due to the University.

Students must submit a dissertation/capstone Announcement Form and IRB Approval Certificate to [email protected] no less than 16 days prior to the dissertation/capstone defense. Do not submit the announcement form until the location is confirmed. The dissertation/capstone title on this form should be final and in title case format with correct spelling and punctuation. Please do not use all upper case or lower-case letters. Forms with incorrectly formatted titles will be returned. The IRB approval certificate can be accessed as a PDF in iProtocol. If the doctoral research was conducted as part of another individual’s protocol, you must submit that IRB approval certificate.

Students must defend the dissertation/capstone no later than the below dates. Following the defense, students must email the EHD Registrar with an update on the status of their defense.

  • Fall - November 1st
  • Spring - April 1st
  • Summer - July 1st

Students must complete all edits and receive committee approval of the dissertation/capstone no later than the below deadlines. Following approval, students must email EHD Registrar to trigger the distribution of the Dissertation/Capstone Approval Form (DocuSign) to the student and committee members. If requesting a dissertation/capstone embargo, that request must be included in this email update. The committee chair will not sign the form until the dissertation/capstone has been approved.

  • Fall - November 15th
  • Spring - April 15th
  • Summer - July 15th

Doctoral students must complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates online prior to submitting the dissertation/capstone and no later than the below dates. The survey may be completed at any time during the term in which you will graduate, and survey completion is a requirement.

  • Fall - November 15th
  • Spring - April 15th
  • Summer - July 15th

Students must upload their final dissertation/capstone to the University Library’s digital repository, LIBRA, no later than the below deadlines.

  • Fall - December 1st
  • Spring - May 1st
  • Summer - August 1st

Information regarding the repository, the submission process, and copyright law are available through the LIBRA website.

Students should insert two pages following this template (coming soon) at the beginning of their dissertation/capstone. The title page should say the month and year of the degree conferral (not the month or date of your defense). Example: December, 20XX. The dissertation/capstone title on the uploaded document must match the title on the signed Dissertation/Capstone Approval Form.

Direct all questions or concerns regarding the LIBRA upload to [email protected].

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