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What We Do

The aim of the Mindset Transfer project is to (1) understand how campers and counselors talk about skill and mindset development and (2) help campers see the connection between the skills and mindsets they learn at camp and how to apply them in places like school, sports and the arts.

Project Info

Project Status: Active through 2017

Funding Source: American Camp Association-New York/New Jersey

Principal Investigator: Chris Hulleman

In partnership with a charter school system in the American southwest, Camp Champions and the American Camp Association-New York/New Jersey, researchers at the Motivate Lab are conducting a field study at four camps that includes focus groups, observations, parent/counselor surveys and camper reflection activities. 

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The Motivate Lab is driven to improve people’s lives through rigorous motivation research and to understand the mindsets that promote learning, growth, and well-being.

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