What We Do

Supporting K-3 Educators to Deliver a Technology-Based Reading Intervention for English Learners at Risk for Learning Disabilities

We aim to adapt an existing, technology-based, science of reading-aligned small-group reading intervention (AERO) to furnish an enhanced product that better meets the needs of kindergarten through Grade 3 Spanish-speaking English learners at risk for reading difficulties. 

Project Information

Project Status: Active

Project Funder: US Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs

PI: Colby Hall

In this project, we are working toward four goals:

  1. Integrate multimedia supports for teaching Spanish-speaking English learners into existing AERO lessons. 
  2. Develop an online professional development module that improves reading intervention teachers’ knowledge and capacity to use AERO effectively with Spanish-speaking English learners at risk for reading difficulties and enhance an existing professional development module that seeks to improve educators’ knowledge and capacity to engage in two-way conversations with families about students’ literacy progress and support students’ AERO-aligned home learning. 
  3. Develop a tool that assesses schools’ readiness to implement AERO and ensures alignment of AERO with existing curricula, state standards, school initiatives, and data collection processes. 
  4. Pilot, finalize and disseminate a scalable and sustainable AERO English learners implementation package that improves access to and engagement with high-quality instruction for English learners at risk for reading difficulties, thereby holding the potential to improve student literacy outcomes.

AERO Website

To learn more about the AERO program, visit the website.

Project Team



Colby Hall

Colby Hall

  • Assistant Professor

Emily Solari

  • Edmund H. Henderson Professor of Education

University of Texas Health Partners

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