Longitudinal Investigation into Declarative and Procedural Memory Brain Systems Supporting the Development of Math Skills

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What We Do

We are implementing a repeated-measures longitudinal design examining two key memory systems, declarative memory (DM) and procedural memory (PM), and their contributions to developmental trajectories of a range of math skills in children in 1st through 5th grades.  

Project Information

Project Status: Active 

Project Funder: National Institutes of Health 

PI: Tanya Evans 

To test specific hypotheses about the link between each memory system and different math skills, we will collect measures of standardized math achievement, arithmetic skills, and basic quantity processing.  
DM and PM systems have been well characterized at the neural level, so to deepen understanding of the longitudinal mechanisms linking math and memory systems, we will also collect functional neuroimaging measures at two time-points to characterize learning-related changes in both brain and behavior.  
By revealing links between specific memory systems and math-related changes in brain and behavior, this project will provide the most comprehensive picture to date of how long-term memory mechanisms subserve math learning. This in turn will help take much of the guesswork out of determining the target of interventions aimed at improving educational outcomes for children with and without math learning difficulties. 

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Project Team

Tanya Evans

Tanya Evans

  • Research Assistant Professor
Analia Marzoratti

Analia Marzoratti

  • Ph.D. Student

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