DEI Collective Learning Series

Each month the School of Education and Human Development's Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI) engages faculty and staff in learning focused on DEI.

Collective learning experiences offer benefits to participants such as deeper contextualization of concepts, identity development, and relationship building. Collective learning experiences around issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, offer opportunities for participants to process, understand, and evolve in a safe environment to cultivate a personal and professional climate of access and belonging.

The Office of DEI at the School of Education and Human Development culls together monthly curriculum around issues of DEI for you to read, watch/listen to, prompts upon which to reflect on the read and watch/listen materials, and to engage as a community. The series is intentionally framed this way to allow faculty and staff to build a shared understanding of topics and concepts before engaging.

  1. Read: Short and impactful articles, chapters, or blogs to help frame the topic for the month (Week 1).
  2. Watch/Listen: Watch a pre-recorded presentation, YouTube recordings, and/or listen to a podcast focused on the topic for the month (Week 2).
  3. Write: Journal, write reflections, and respond to prompts/questions based on the "read" and "watch/listen" for the month reading and recording (Week 3).
  4. Engage: Participate in an on-Grounds session, which may include presentations from authors from the readings, presenters from the pre-recorded session or podcast, an expert on the topic of the month, as well as opportunities to connect and converse with members of our community around the month’s topic. (Week 4).

DEI Collective Learning Series Archive

View a list of past DEI Collective Learning Series events and downloadable resources.

DEI Collective Learning Series event resources

  • April 2023: QuantCrit: Application of Critical Race Theory to Quantitative Methodology
  • November 2022: Whose Neighborhood is it Anyway?
  • October 2022: Cultural Appropriation vs. Appreciation
  • Summer 2022: Black Women and Black Feminism
  • April 2022: Safe Spaces
  • March 2022: Stereotype Threat
  • February 2022: Critical Race Theory
  • November 2021: Gender Identity
  • October 2021: Ableism
  • September 2021: The Mentor, the Protégé, and the Relationship
  • April 2021: Microaggression: the Unseen Student Barrier
  • March 2021: The Power of Privilege
  • February 2021: UVA Culture and its Impact on Our Work
  • January 2021: Sense of Belongingness: Teaching Workshop
  • November 2020: Unpacking Microaggressions
  • October 2020: DEI Professional Learning Series

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