Filip T. Loncke

Filip T. Loncke

  • Professor

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Bavaro Hall 221
PO Box 400270
417 Emmet Street S
Charlottesville, VA 22903


Filip Loncke's teaching and research focus on cognitive processes in generating messages in different modalities (speech, writing, and the use of communication aids). Understanding the underlying processes of both typical and atypical communication helps to improve intervention for individuals with complex communication needs. Ultimately, research in these processes contributes to our understanding of the cognitive substrate of all communication.

Loncke is also interested in linguistic diversity as it increasingly manifests itself in academic environments (university campuses) and in the wider community. Globalization and the internet create possibilities for cultural and linguistic enrichment that can be utilized to develop and improve cultural competence.

In addition to a series of publications on psycholinguistic topics, Loncke has published a textbook on augmentative and alternative communication (Plural Publishing, 2014) for students in professional programs.

Loncke also coordinates the communication disorders international research program, which includes student and faculty exchange, together with joint curriculum development and research projects with University College Gent (Belgium) and Fontys University Eindhoven (the Netherlands). He is a past-president of the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC) as well as co-founder of the Clinical Augmentative and Alternative Communication Research Conference.


Ph.D., University of Brussels, 1990
M.A., Free University of Brussels, 1977
M.A., Universiteit Gent, 1972
B.A., Universiteit Gent, 1970

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