Alexis R. Harris

Alexis R. Harris

  • Research Assistant Professor

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Alexis Harris, a faculty affiliate of Youth-Nex, is interested in the intersections of developmental science, education science, and prevention science. Her work employs qualitative and quantitative methods to develop a better understanding of how the interactions between developing youth and their school and community contexts influence social-emotional development and well-being. She has been involved in the implementation and evaluation of multiple intervention strategies to promote social-emotional competence and well-being and to prevent the negative consequences of stress, including school-based universal social-emotional learning interventions, contemplative/mindfulness-based approaches, and professional development for educators. She is currently located in Louisville, KY, directing the implementation of the Compassionate Schools Project.


Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, 2014
M.A., University of Memphis, 2009
B.A., Rhodes College, 2004

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