Special Tuition Application for Virginia PreK-12 Educators

The School of Education and Human Development grants reduced tuition rates to eligible preK-12 educators according to the eligibility guidelines listed below. Note that reduced tuition is applicable to credit-bearing courses only; not to research credits. The reduced tuition rate can be applied to up to six credits of coursework per semester. Applications for reduced tuition must be received before or during the term in which the rate will be applied.

To determine whether you qualify for reduced tuition:

  1. Review the eligibility guidelines.
  2. Ensure that your U.Va. Student Information System account is active. Requests cannot be processed before a new account is created, or an existing inactive account is re-activated.
  3. Complete the electronic form below, as this action will trigger an email to be sent to the school email address you enter on the form.

Please note:  By signing this form, you are bound by the UVA Honor Code and certify that you meet the eligibility guidelines below.

Eligibility Guidelines for the Virginia PreK-12 Educator Tuition Rate:

  1. Pre-kindergarten through grade twelve public and private, non-profit school teachers, counselors, administrators, supervisors, librarians, coaches, and other support staff are eligible.
  2. Eligible personnel must be contractual employees of a preK-12 public school division or private, non-profit school during the period in which they are enrolled in courses.
  3. Individuals on official leave from their assignments are eligible for reduced tuition.
  4. Courses must be for career advancement or professional development in preK-12 education, not for planned career changes outside of preK-12 education. (As noted above, research hours do not qualify for the special rate.)
  5. Students must be considered Virginia residents by the Office of Virginia Status at UVA.
  6. Beginning summer 2017, students enrolled in doctoral (PhD or EdD) programs are not eligible for the preK-12 educator tuition rate.
  7. Beginning fall 2017, current Teach for America and AmeriCorps members serving in pre-kindergarten through grade twelve public and private, non-profit schools are eligible. They should list TFA/AmeriCorps as their employer in the form.

If you have questions, please contact us via email at ehd-information@virginia.edu.

Please note:

1. If you were enrolled in classes and received the educator tuition rate last term, you do not need to fill out the application again for the current term.

2. You will need an active UVA computing ID in order to complete the form. If you do not have one, please fill out the Non-Degree Student form and wait for it to be processed before filling out this form.

3. You will not see the special tuition rate on your account until you have registered for classes and your tuition bill has appeared on your student account.

Honor Code
I certify that all information given in this form is true and correct. I will abide by all the rules and regulations of the University. I accept the responsibility of the Honor Code of the University. I pledge I will not lie or cheat. I understand that violation of the Honor Code may result in severe penalties including dismissal from the University.