Information for Schools & Tutors

America Reads: Information for Schools 

The America Reads tutor positions are federal work-study jobs and are therefore paid positions. Tutors are expected to be professional, dependable, on time, and ready to follow their supervising teachers’ instructions. 
America Reads tutors will undergo a background check through the University of Virginia. However, America Reads tutors should be supervised by a school employee in their work with students. 
Tutors do not receive training other than the training teachers provide for the tasks the teachers require. 
While tutors are prepared to assist with some clerical tasks, the America Reads program requires that their work be primarily academic. 
Tutors may have lunch with children or spend time on the playground with children, but they may not be assigned as the supervisor in those settings. 
The University of Virginia America Reads program does not require tutors to work during University recesses or after the end of classes in the fall and spring semesters (usually early December and early May). However, if they wish, tutors may work during University recesses and after semester classes end. Tutors may not be paid to work after the University’s spring session ends in May (usually mid-May, after exams are finished). No summer hours are available. 
Tutors are required to notify their supervising teachers of any changes to their work schedule in advance of those changes. Such changes include absences due to illness, University recesses, and the end of semester classes and sessions. 
Some America Reads graduate tutors may also apply to the school divisions to work occasionally as substitute teachers. On a given day or part of a day tutors may be paid to work as America Reads tutors OR as substitute teachers: they cannot be paid by both America Reads and the school division for the same hours worked. 

Information for UVA Student Tutors

Steps to Apply

  1. Apply for financial aid to be considered for a federal work-study award. The procedure is different for new applicants, current undergraduate students and graduate students : 
  2. Submit an application for America Reads on Handshake: America Reads positions fill up quickly, so it is suggested that interested students apply prior to the start of classes in August for fall employment. 
  3. In the first weeks of the fall semester the America Reads Coordinator will send you an informational email regarding orientation, interviews and hiring. If you apply later in the fall semester the America Reads Coordinator will send you the necessary information in the first weeks of the spring semester if there are openings for the spring. 
  4. Attend an orientation session. 
  5. Complete the America Reads application 
  6. Attend a personal interview at which you will submit your completed application. 
  7. If you are chosen for the job, you must be hired by Human Resources. Specific identification documents are required for hiring: 
  8. Provide information for a background check through the University. 
  9. The America Reads Coordinator contacts you with your assignment(s). You contact your supervising teacher(s) to work out details

Pay & Expectations

Pay Rates
Undergraduate students: $11/hour 
Graduate students: $16/hour 
Graduate Tutor Mentors: Up to $24/hour 
America Reads tutors: 

  • must have been awarded federal work-study by Student Financial Services. 
  • must be full-time students in a degree program at the University of Virginia. 
  • must commit to America Reads for the full semester.  It is also expected that tutors joining America Reads in the fall will work with America Reads for the entire academic year unless they only have a work-study award for the fall, are graduating in December, or are studying abroad in the spring. 
  • must attend an orientation session, interview, and any training required. 
  • must be professional, dependable, and enjoy working with children. 
  • must communicate with their supervising teachers about any absences and schedule changes. 
  • must abide by the time card submission procedures as outlined in the America Reads Tutor Manual. 
  • must undergo a background check through the University of Virginia.