Marissa Bivona

  • Ph.D. Student


Following her undergraduate studies, Marissa Bivona worked as an early childhood teacher and completed the Harris Fellowship in Early Childhood Education at Calvin Hill Daycare and Yale Child Study Center. After the fellowship, Bivona developed curriculum for and taught kindergarten abroad. She returned to Calvin Hill to work as an associate teacher for six years. While teaching, Bivona completed her master's, where she worked as a graduate clinician in the office of psychological assessment, engaged in research on ADHD and perceptions of wisdom and completed her dissertation on narrative interventions for elderly individuals. In the fall of 2019, Bivona began her doctoral studies with Professor Amanda Williford as her advisor. Bivona’s research interests are deeply informed by her time spent teaching and center on creating supports for teachers and children in early childhood settings.  

Bivona encourages prospective students to reach out with any questions about the application process, the clinical and school psychology program or her research interests.  She is also happy to share her experience transitioning from working as an early childhood educator to graduate school, and is committed to diversifying the fields of clinical and school psychology.


M.A., Southern Connecticut State University
B.A., Pomona College, 2009