Laura McWhinney

Laura McWhinney

  • Senior Data Manager

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Laura McWhinney's passion and aim is to use data analytics and social research to positively contribute to society. This is what drew her to CASTL, specifically the STREAMin3 project. As the data manager, McWhinney uses her skills in applied data analytics to compile, evaluate, and present results to further enhance early childhood learning.

McWhinney has 10 years of experience as a communications professional and researcher, wherein she's used data analytics to inform strategy. Furthermore, McWhinney is a lifelong learner, as demonstrated by three master's degrees: communications and journalism, sociology with a minor in statistics, and information technology, with certificates in big data and in business data analytics. 


M.I.T., Virginia Tech, 2023
M.A., University of Wyoming, 2018
M.A., University of Wyoming, 2012
B.S., Brigham Young University, 2008